Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas news: early presents for me, and present making!

Hello! Time for a Christmas post!

I am not the only blogger that is "not allowed" to write about what she is making at the moment... Indeed, I am completely absorbed by the confection of Christmas presents and I'd be more than happy to share, BUT my family and friends might read these posts!

Let's just say that I have completed my mum's present, I got started on my Mister's surprise, and I still have a big bunch of clones based on the free Colette pattern you all know about for my friends, plus two other things (if I have the time...). All that must be done by Wednesday evening... Because we'll be traveling to my family. I am freaking out (just a little bit).

But I can say that I received my Christmas present early from my Mister! It was a bunch of Colette Patterns:

A few weeks ago, I have also ordered a handmade kitty from Ralf Schmidt. He does gorgeous men garments on Burdastyle, and he went all out for Christmas Markets! He is such a sweetheart! Meet our new Soft Kitty:

I have also received a giveaway present from Verypurpleperson. It's the first time that I win anything and this wallet is gorgeous. It was in a lovely Santa bag and the envelope was embellished with cute stickers. Guess what my Mister said about it! "Oh, it's from Japan. I thought there would be a cute stickers overload on it...". No stereotypes going on in here... :S. The wallet is going to be perfect for our Christmas travels. My family lives in Belgium, Herman's in the North of The Netherlands. And we live in between!

Tonight, I am cooking our romantic pre-Christmas diner for two as we'll be away from the 22nd to the 27th. The first course will be Tiger Prawns with a courgette mousse. It will be followed by Duck, with a Plum Chutney and Ruccola. We'll have a Cupcake dessert!

I have made a big bunch of cupcakes. Half have a violet flavor, half has vanilla. The icing is the same for both and has some Blueberry liquor in it! YUM! My Mister will bring most of them at work tomorrow! For his bravest colleagues: the ones that braved the snow!

What are your Christmas projects?
Do you make your own presents?
Have you already gotten one?


  1. Holy moly, you have been busy! Can't wait to see what you make from all those gorgeous Colette patterns - mister has taste :)

  2. I saw you won a wallet on verypurpleperson, you must be really happy :) Mister does indeed have taste - I can't wait to see what you do with the patterns!


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