Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Burda December 2010

I have completely forgotten to review the December edition of Burdastyle mag! And the worst thing is that the January edition is almost out! But I thought, I am drowning in Christmas prep, and this post is always fun and easy breezy to write.

In this December edition, there was as usual a few features. Some good, some not.
- Wild and romantic brings out flowy and frilly patterns. I like the dresses but not that much of the rest...
- Elegant and pretty shows evening wear. I am not crazy about their fabric choices but, once again, they have nice dresses.
- The Business look one has garments with pure lines. I am not a fan of those shapes as they do not hug the waist. But I must admit that they are the best that Burda has done concerning the crazy 80's revival. Nice and simple.
- The Christmas feature makes me feel happy and warm inside, just flipping through the pages. They have a few crafts like toys, bags, and other crafts. They also have aprons, men cabin gear and children pieces!
- The plus size feature is called "Party Clothing" and I fell in love with a few of the pieces! There is a GORGEOUS body fitted dress and a few other pretty draped garments.
Within those different parts of this issue, I have my top three. Two dresses and an apron!

Dress #1 comes from the "Wild and Romantic" feature. I like it because it looks interesting. It has 9 or 11 pieces, you decide, which allows you to play with different fabrics. I would go completely "Mondo" on this one!

Dress #2 is the GORGEOUS plus size number! They have two versions: a long one and a short one. It has nice princess seams and a gathered neckline. I wish I had more time before Christmas to sew it! I would make a short red version with the red "wild silk" fabric I got from my Grand Ma's treasure box. OR use black silk cotton for the side panels and white for the middle ones.

Last but not least, I have a crush on the apron (140). Ok, it is pretty basic and only made of rectangles, but I'd love to mix and match different cottons (polka dots, stripes, flowers...).

These were my two cents about the December edition of Burdastyle. Now, I go back to my Christmas prep ;)


  1. That apron is super flattering. I've been looking for a different looking design to make one for my mom and the fabric's just been sitting around. This is perfect - thanks!

    Happy Christmas :)

  2. The apron was one of my favourites too :)I think I might try making it without buying Burda though - it's nearly impossible/very expensive to get a hold of here in Australia!

    Hope you have a great Christmas holiday!


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