Friday, January 31, 2014

Plantain Shirt from Deer&Doe

Hi everyone !

I am still amazed by the comments I have received for my latest post on body image and + sewing. It was hard to write but that was worth the trouble ! I will get back to the subject soon but today, I will stay on a safer ground : not one but 2 finished projects and a contest entry !

Let's rewind back.

In some of the blogs I follow, the pattern company « Deer & Doe » has been mentioned a few times but I never really clicked through the link. Last month, Jamie mentioned their new and FREE pattern, the Plantain. Of course, I had to download it ! After the download, I clicked around their website and I fell in love with all their designs. They create beautiful and feminine dresses, tops etc. My husband was making fun of me because I would keep on whistling every time I checked another one of their patterns, singing aloud that I wanted it ! I was also so happy because it is actually the first time I came across a French speaking website (I am a native French speaker). And they opened up so many doors to other beautiful blogs !

As some of you may know, they are also hosting a contest on their Plantain pattern. I have used it for two projects, therefore I have no choice, I must apply ! The Plantain is a really cool Top pattern made for Jersey fabrics. It has cute details like elbow caps and also flares below the waistline. It also has a nice and rounded lower neckline. I find it very flattering and incredibly easy to assemble.

The pattern comes with very clear instructions. To be honest, this is the first time I actually sew something in jersey, meant to be in jersey. Of course, I improvised in the past on other projects, but it kinda sorta does not count, ya know. With this project, for the first time, I adjusted my stitches (my PFAFF offers « stretch » stitches). I did a first project with a nice light blue Cotton Knit, using leftover lace from other projects for the elbow caps details. It makes it feel SO precious and girly ! The knit was slightly less stretchy compared to what was advised in the instructions but it still worked great !

I am very happy with the result and I have already worn the Plantain twice ! It works great with jeans. I already know that I am going to sew a white skirt for spring to wear with it :).

Now, let's not forget that the pattern comes in smaller sizes and I had to upgrade it. But it worked out great, so, ladies in doubt : go for it ! It is super straightforward.

I was planning to only make this version of the pattern for now. But something happened on Monday evening ! I was between two projects and I wanted a « quick fix » and I thought that I could maybe make another Plantain... So why not search through my stash for another knit... And POW ! The idea came over me ! I had 3 meters of a beautiful and dark yellow « waffly » knit purchased a few years ago. I also had navy blue knit leftovers. Mmmh, but 3 meters was surely too much for a top... Why not try a Maxi Dress ! And that was it. The idea was there ! From that point on, it went extremely quick ! I just prolonged the pattern from the bottom of the top down to my legs' length and cut the fabric. It was ready within a couple of hours !

At first, I was wondering how it would fit around the waist and hips area, but it magically worked superbly ! It is fitted where it should be and flares where it should flare. I also love the contrasting navy blue. I loved it so much I also used it as binding for the neckline and the sleeves.

Here you go pretty ladies (and gentlemen). I can see a bright future filled with cute and quirky Plantains, Happily Ever After. What about you ?


  1. Love it! I had seen the shirt on another blog as well, but you sold it to me! Will definately be trying this pattern. Love the lace on the elbows..

  2. Gah! This is so adorable on you it has given me resolve to go for it! I love the nearly tunic length..

  3. These are so cute! I'm glad to see that you graded it up in size successfully. I've been tempted to download the pattern, but it just seems like a lot of work to grade it when i have a few other knit patterns that work well. But this is just so cute, I may have to try it!

  4. So flattering on you and everyone I've seen make this!

  5. Just discovered your blog a couple of days ago and I am so enjoying what you're doing! Must go look at this pattern!

  6. Love what you're doing and how much you're helping me figure out what I want to sew for my own body! Off to look at this great little pattern!

  7. OMG, c'est beau!!! It's the only French I know... But both garments look gorgeous!!!!!! I LOVE the lace on the blue shirt and what an amazing maxi dress...

  8. I thought you weren't going to have time for this contest, but then you make TWO! Your sewing output has been really impressive lately. I love the idea of using lace for the patches - brilliant!

  9. just downloaded the pattern for FREE! Thanks a lot L. I love the dress….


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