Sunday, January 19, 2014

Linen Second Skin - Ottobre

How many of you know the magazine « Ottobre » ? I know that Marie reads it. It is a Finnish company. They have a few children issues per year and two women issues, one in Spring, one in Fall. Most of their patterns are available up to a size 52. The models in their featurettes are young and old, thin and round. Most of their designs are quite basic and allow you to let your creativity run. This time, I chose a very simple dress.

This pattern was in the Fall 2011 edition. The same bodice was tweaked into different dresses. I love the classic darts. I chose the version with deep V neckline and a round plunging back. I used a beautiful linnen from my Grandma's closet. The result is a great classy and verstile dress.

In the summer, it feels fresh and in the winter it works great with tights and a cardigan. It is so basic that the smallest accessory dresses it up. I wore it the day I presented at a conference and it lookd professional and felt comfortable.

What did I change ? Ottobre has this pattern up to a size 48 so I had to upgrade it slightly. I also shortened the sleeves and cut them in a scallop shape. Also, instead of gathering the fabric at the waistline, I tucked it into simple pleats.

Now, for the future posts, I have more finished projects to show you. But I would also like to chit chat too. I have the ideas below, what would you like to read ?
  • New patterns from Vogue, Colette etc
  • Sew alongs I take part in
  • Burda magazine critiques
  • TV Thursday
  • Body Image
  • Plus size related content
  • Round ups of what I read in the week ?


  1. I want that dress... in every colour...

    I would love to see all the content you mentioned in your blog especially plus size and sew alongs you take part in.

  2. Hi, I'm really interested in all the patterns that have worked for you and how you made them work - I have only just started sewing and am trying not to be down hearted by sewing size 22! I'd be so excited to look just half as good as you do in your finished Projects! Thanks!

  3. That linen looks like it's high quality! and the dress does justice to it. I'm interested in plus-sized sewing, as I sew for my mum who's plus-sized and have recently taught a plus-sized friend the basics of sewing. It requires a different approach in patterns, fabric and style. I was a bit at sea with my friend!

  4. Gorgeous dress! I like to read about everything that crosses your mind, but my fave is plus size...

  5. You look gorgeous in your dress! It's nice to see that someone with a plus-size knows how to dress and how to adjust patterns to fit her perfectly. I wish I had that much knowledge... So, if you'd like to write about plus-size topics or how you adjust patterns: I'd be very very thankful!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. You look so cute and fresh in that dress! Awesome job. I think you were spot on in changing the gathers to pleats.
    I like all your subject suggestions. What would TV Thursday be? That one has me very curious. As a fellow plus size sewer I would have to say that plus size content would be my first choice.

  7. I'd love to hear more about whether or not you had to make many changes with regard to fit - as a plus size lady I'm really excited by the prospect of sizes up to 22! Do they really deliver? Is there a measurement chart you can share?

    Also, are these like Burda Magazine where the seam allowances are not included?


    1. Hi Carla, I did not have to change much. I only shortened the sleeves to avoid adjusting them (very bad I know,...). And indeed, Ottobre works like Burda, seam allowances nor included. But you know, I learned sewing without them, and it's as easy. You just need to get used to it.
      Thanks a lot for you comment :)


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