Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hints on Winter: It Is Coming!!!

Hi everyone !

I have been busy ! And I have a lot of projects to show for it !
Are you ever in a mood where you feel like sewing, but not writing about it ? Well, that's basically where I was in the last few months. All in all, I have sewn 4 projects based on Colette patterns, 2 on Gertie's book, 7 on Burda patterns, 2 on Ottobre magasine, 1 on Vogue, a beautiful total of 16 done within a few months.

By the way, none of those were ready for my size and most had to be fully or partially upgraded. I actually really enjoy this part of the process !

Color blocking

Belt with...

Pink silk brought back from China

Liberty fabric from London!

I always complain about Burda but I kept on finding myself going back to them. I adopted a different way of starting up projects. In the past, I would jump on odd patterns that look interesting to assemble. Lately, I evolved towards « What would look good on me? » , « What can be used with the fabrics I have in my stash ? » and « What do I need ? ». I guess that this is a more reasonable to look at sewing. But it is, as I realised, still as fun.

In the past, I would almost just sew dresses, because they were cute and because the patterns looked cool. In the past months, I did « only » 8. It is still half of the 16 garments, but it is a project. The rest are seperates : 2 skirts, 3 poncho, 2 blouses, 1 pair of trousers.

Pockets or no pockets? Heavy or light fabric?

Top or Skirt?
I wear it all the time!!!

I also used to watch TV series or movies while sewing. I now started to listen to audibooks. At the moment, it's Game of Thrones (I have been slightly obsessed). I am listening right now to Book 5 « A Dance with Dragons », Chapter 5. I sometimes drop everything I have in my hands to listen carefully. G.R.R. Martin has a gift to make you actually feel for aweful people.

What projects do you think I went for from Colette or Gertie ? What would you like to see in the next post ?
Are there any plus size related issues you would like me to look at ?

Let me know:)


  1. Looking forward to seeing which patterns from Gertie's book you made! I have the book, but haven't figured out yet which pattern will look good on me.. Waiting 'patiently' for the pictures!

  2. You have been busy! I can't wait to see the results of your hard work!!!


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