Friday, October 1, 2010

TV Thursday: Laurie Keller

Who doesn't like Cougar Town?

Well, I love it! And I love Busy Phillips in it. Therefore, this TV Thursday is going to be about Laurie Keller!

In this show, Laurie Keller is the assistant and friend of Jools, a Real Estate agent. She is funny, clumsy, girly and sometimes goes for stupid ideas... Basically, I love her! She always wears colorful and curve hugging clothes.

Today, I feel playful, and I feel like a fun wardrobe: a Body Hugging Dress, a Wrap Dress, a Draped Top, an Open Shoulder Top, and a Short Skirt. Let's get started!

On this week's episode, Laurie was wearing this gorgeous dress. It was body hugging, and had a square neckline. If you have seen my latest project, you know how much I like those... I have picked this pretty dress as a pattern. The neckline is there, the body hugging too. On top of it, it has gorgeous sleeves and a great draping at the waist. I can see it in a funky bright color. I think that Laurie would rock a fuchsia fabric!

As she wears dresses all the time, I had to pick a second one! I went for a wrap dress. I know that I have already picked that idea last week, but wrap dresses are great for curvy busty girls. And that is completely the case here. I went for a Kimomo wrap dress pattern that makes the idea very young. For Laurie, I would use a fabric with a funky print (small print).

The other feature that you cannot avoid is colorful tops. I really like this draped one, and it feels like this pattern would be great for it!

Very often, I see Laurie wearing that kind of Gipsy top. The one that shows off one or both shoulders. It is so cute and flirty. I have picked this pattern. I love the fact that it can have bows. It looks so playful! If it was me, I would use a peach color, with black ribbons...

Last but not least, the short skirt! She has great legs, and she likes to show them. Once again, they are playful and colorful. The pattern I have chosen is pleated on the side and is A line. You could use it with a printed or plain fabric.

What do you think?
Do you like Cougar Town?
Who would you like to see next week?

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