Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Birthday dress

Last weekend was my mum's birthday. I felt like making her a nice dress, which would change from the shapeless cheap things she usually wears. My mum is a kindergarten teacher, therefore, she has to sit on the ground and bend over. She likes colors and leggings. She is also an apple shape.

I decided for a jersey fabric for comfort and easy washing (think painting stains). I also chose a "progressive" print, I wanted the bottom of the garment to have a busier print than the top. I have also chosen to make a dress. She can wear leggings or opaque stockings. The pattern comes from a Dutch magazine called "Knipmode" (October, #17a). It looks a lot like this one (only mine has longer pleats):

I made it as nice as possible. Almost all the seams are French Seams! I also used orange bias to add a funky contrast. The body of the dress is lined with a prune jersey, for strength... Here is the result!

With my books behind ;)

The pleats create a nice draping around the belly, great for masking...

The back is simple, so you can see the pretty fabric!
There is orange silk bias on the end of the sleeves for a nice finishing contrast
Same Bias for the neckline

Mister Panda shows the wrist that is closed with an orange cute button
The body is lined with prune jersey and all french seamed
The lining hem is orange zigzag (easy and fun)
Pretty pleats tied at the bottom
Shoulders secured with leftover bias

That's it! My mum was very happy with it! I am trying to get a picture, but she lives a bit too far to have it easily ;)

Write to you tomorrow ;)


  1. You did a wonderful job and that's a LOVELY print. I bet she loves it! Welcome back and congrats on your engagement!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful considerate gift for your mum!

  3. Beautiful! Where did you get the fabric?

  4. In a shop called "Van Gool". It's in the Netherlands though...

  5. This dress, is Gorgeous ! I love it .
    I'm so happy to find your blog.


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