Thursday, January 13, 2011

New lining for a vintage coat: pockets and pimping!

Hello guys!

Things are getting crazy here as we are moving to a new town in a week and a half. Mister is very busy finishing his phD thesis before his new job starts and I have to organize everything! What to keep, to give, to sell, to buy. How to make the new place cozy and storage efficient etc. I have written lists, and spreadsheets, and researched things and it is finally giving results! This is also why the lining process is going a little bit slower. But I am going somewhere!

I have "pimped" the shell of the coat. This involved securing the outside pockets (they were starting to tear) and sewing the buttons. It was pretty straightforward. I fused some interfacing to secure the place where the buttons would go and got started. Each vintage button on the outside was paired with another one in the inside that will be hidden with the lining.

Where the three buttons will be

Extra stabilizer

Once this was done, I tried to understand how the inside welt pockets were made. In the end, it is just a welt pocket with two rectangles that form the bag. Mister wanted to keep the label that was sewn under one of the pockets. So be it!

It is now time to get started on the actual pockets. To handle my fear of welt on lining, I decided to go for the easy option: fuse interfacing to stabilize the area around the soon to be rectangle. Also, for fun, I used a red cotton for the bags. It's a secret between the coat, Mister, and I! Don't you like those secrets? However, I have sewn a lining patch on each of them, where you peak if the welt is pulled.

The process felt easier than the previous times I did welt pockets. Of course, that does NOT mean that I started to love it either! I am not going to detail all the steps, because so many people already did it better then I would. But I have documented it with pictures, if you feel like peaking and giving me advice on how to do it better.

In the end, I am pretty happy with the result!

Next time, it will be time for the result! Said result is going to need a lot of hand stitching for the hemming!

Back to packing and sorting!


  1. I love that the welt pocket will be red! That's lovely :)

    (P.S. What does "pimping' mean when you use it to refer to sewing? I only know it as it pertains to rap lyrics :-/ )

  2. Do you know the MTV show "pimp my car"? Where they fix an old car and give it a design makeover?

  3. Hah! I was getting waaaaay to geeky for that reference. Touche =D

  4. You definitely pimped that coat ;) Love the welt pockets. They're really tricky, it took me ages so sew my first welt pocket!

  5. i thought you might like to know, you inspired me to tackle my (full length) vintage coat lining... i wanted to throw it unfinished out into the snow!!! my hubs asked me, sweetly and cautiously around hour eight, if i wouldn't like to take a break... but now that it's finished i'm glad i did it. thanks for the inspiration :)


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