Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Burda January 2011

As usual, I am posting my brief review a bit late. I have had the January edition of Burdastyle magazine for more then two weeks now... and the February edition is due out in two weeks :S But it is never too late!

When this January edition is concerned, the basic things can be said. A few features: some are interesting, some are not.

- "Blue": is packed with navy blue items. There was nothing exceptional, as far as my taste is concerned.

- "Feminine Sensitive": or the 40's revival. This feature is gorgeous! The photos are really nice, and their quality is superior to what Burda usually goes for. They show pretty dresses, blouses and coats. Half of their models use the same basic pattern that reminds me of the "Alexander Blouse" of Burdastyle. There are, of course, quite a few differences, but it is interesting to know. If someone likes the style of those 40's items, he/she can use the Burdastyle pattern and tweak it. I am writing this because some people do not have an easy access to the magazine or do not enjoy tracing the patterns...
On Burdastyle

Made into a dress

The feature blouse

With long sleeves

- "Relax at home": is a lounge wear feature. It has pieces that remind me of the worst of the eighties, but they have a useful legging pattern. However, I do not know how many more harem pants I can take...

- "In the Nature": shows comfy pieces for the outdoors. They have basic shapes and are sewn with dark fabrics. Nothing exceptional here...

- "Plus"! As usual, the plus size feature is my favorite. Most of the pieces are pretty and classy. The feature is called "Business Trendy", and shows clothes in subdued classic colors. They all look so nice and flattering!

- "Carnaval": as usual, this is the time of the year for a few European countries! I love some of the children ideas! Hello Octopus!

As usual, I have a top three. It is not a huge surprise as two pieces are from the Plus feature (133-dress, and 137-skirt) and one from the 40's feature (109-coat).

I love that kind of neckline! I also really like the waistband. I would however used a more "flared" bottom as it would hide things I want hidden ;)

I love the gathered sleeves at the wristband. The front hidden sleeves are also handy and pretty. Don't you just like the global shape? Because I do!

Ok, I am still looking out for flattering pencil skirts, and I think that this one might work! Why? Because of the pockets! They are such a nice detail that would attract the eye! I also love the front yoke! I would however do a normal blind hem.

That's it for the review. I will write soon about the progress on my "coat lining re-do" project. It is getting somewhere ;) Somewhere nice, I might even say ;)

Who has this January edition, and which pieces are your favorites?


  1. I love the sleeves on the little printed dress at the bottom - those are lovely. Thanks for posting this!

  2. hi,

    I lve the burda, pluss size section, it gives a great range of differend styles,

    i just have to be sure of my own style I am going to feel comfy in.



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