Thursday, February 24, 2011

The wonderful re-lined Mister Vintage Coat and Me-Made-March!

Let's not dive into excuses! More than one month post-less! Ok, we moved in a new apartment, I have started an intensive language course, blah blah blah... However, it does not mean that I haven't been sewing. I have completed the lining project, two sew-alongs, a jacket, and a dress! Everything will be posted very soon! Let's just start with the coat.

The outside is looking pretty neat after the dry cleaning and the pimpings!

The killer look...

I really like that coat because it does not bring any focus to his scoliosis.

There was not much left to sew and write. I have basically put the lining in and hand sewn the hem. There are however two things that were harder to accomplish: handstitching the armscye to the body, and hand stitching the back slit.

Now, I am used to sew the arms to the body before attaching the body to the facing. However, for this one, I had to stitch the lining to the arm seam *inside* of the arm, and that was a lot of work. But I am sure that i will be better in the long run. My little brain also had to figure out how to attach the bottom of the sleeves pieces together. I really struggled with it. Which lining piece goes on this side? Oh but it has to be inside out first? OOOOppps, actually, no, but the hem has to be turned... Let's just say that I am very lucky that the fabric did not get damaged in the ripping of stitches process!

It looks pretty neat to me!

My other struggling point was the back slit. I know that it's a simple hem, but I felt anxious about it. Pfff, me and my insecurities! The result seems pretty good though!

In the end, Mister was very happy with the result and showed it to EVERYONE! Also, every time he was on the phone, he explained the whole thing! It makes me happy to sew for him! But it does not mean that I will do it *that* often!

Mister, or the impersonation of enthusiasm...

Even the pockets look great!

That's it for the coat lining project! Now, it is time for new stuff! Like spring (uhum, uhum, as if the sun was shining for realz), sew-alongs, and pants, aaaaaaaaand:

'I, Laurence from sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March '11. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade item of clothing each day for the duration of March 2011'.

See you very soon!


  1. I am so glad that you are back! Seems you have been very busy in the meantime! I can't wait to see your newly-sewn clothes! Despite rarely commenting on your blog, I love reading it, and I check it up for news nearly every day (a bit less during the last four weeks).
    I already imagined that you will take part in the Me-Made-March, and I hope you will enjoy it. Eventually you could post some photos of your completed outfits? I would also sign up if I had a blog. I think that in that case I could at least wear my self-made coat every day, which I already do!

  2. Hello :) I am a friend of your Mister and he gave me the URL of your blog. It is great to finally "meet" you. I think it is amazing that you sew :) I don't have the patience for it. I am otherwise creative though :) You did a good job on the coat, it looks good on him :)


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