Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring/Summer capsule

Hi everyone ! 

It is that time of the year. Time for spring cleaninghome and in the wardrobe, time to browse patterns, time to think about what you will need this year, where you're going this summer, what occasions are coming, etc. I love spring !

Previous years and seasons, I never planned that much. I mainly went with the flow and bought fabrics I loved. I ended up with a lot of cute dresses, but I still sometimes have the feeling I have nothing to wear. Then came the Wardrobe Architect project from Sarai on Coletterie and it kickstarted my reflexion. I thought things a little bit differently but I came to very useful conclusions.

What do I usually sew ?
I have been sewing a lot of dresses, cute skirts and tops. I started sewing 4 years ago now. I was unemployed, looking for a way to feel good in clothing. I naturally went for cute ideas, project after project. Only a few of them stayed wearable but I learned so much ! I used different colors, textures, fabrics, patterns and techniques. I have had a blast so far.

What do I wear to work? In the week end ? For occasions ?
I have multiple personalities that have a few common areas, such as bright colors or cute details.
Some days, I feel like wearing comfortable things. Those days, I go for jeans and a nice knit top or a wide blouse, often with a cardigan. I just want to feel efficient and get things done. This happens often when I am stressed at work or if I have a super busy week end.

Some other days, I feel like being very girly and cute. Those days, I go for dresses, skirts, colorful cardigans and nice blouses. Those combinations are still quite comfortable with circle skirts and semi fitted tops. This is mainly the case when I feel happy and creative, when I see friends or go out with Mister.

And some days, I want to wear flattering and womanly clothing, such as pencil skirts, fitted dresses and tops, and high heels. I go for this when I want to impress or when I have to impress. Fitted clothing are slimming and are very empowering. I also enjoy feeling womanly for special events.

What do I have to remove from the wardrobe ?
When I went through my wardrobe, I decided to get rid of a few items. Worn out jeans, unflattering trousers, RTW garments that I now find boring, and me-made garments that were badly finished or too crazy. I also got rid of T-shirts that are comfy but do not fit the hourglass silouhette I enjoy most.

What do I need to add?
I think I need to add elements that combine the different moods above. Comfort, hourglass shapes, womanly. I need to keep in mind that spring and summer may bring warmer temperatures and I want to avoid clothing that would make me feel too warm or sweaty. I need 
- more jeans, they are comfy and can be dressed up or dressed down.
- T-shirts that are flared from the waist down, white is what I usually go for in the summer
- Shorts : I am terrified by them, they never fit but I need some for vacations
- A white hoodie for chilly summer nights
- a summer maxi dress : I always go to my long dresses in the summer
- a nice classy dress for a family event in June
- a off-white skirt as a warm days basic
- A pop of color for a skirt
- one dressy corporate summer dress

What inspires me in the sewing world at the moment ?
The sewing world is booming and blooming at the moment ! I am, as always inspired by indie pattern companies and by bloggers. I also enjoy watching what actresses wear, especially when they are not your typical thin shape.
In the sewing world, Colette Patterns are, as always, awesome, they re-invent themselves constantly. I am super curious about their coming knit book, and their plus size patterns ! I just discovered Deer&Doe, Named, and other companies. They make me feel like the sky is the limit. Cool designs are achievable for everyone !
My blog roll became so long ! So many ladies are extremely impressive. Oona is a star, Sigrid , Peter, and Laura are so professional and make me want to tackle more difficult issues. Patty is back in the blogosphere and I cannot wait to read each new post. Mary makes one beautiful garment after the other. She also writes inspiring posts on projects and curves. Tilly is making her life the dream she deserves.

What types of fabric should I go for?
I want to work on knit. I am extremely interested in learning new skills related to knit treatment.
I also want a couple of woven light natural fabrics.

What colors inspire me ?
I like the idea of basics in jeans and white for the summer. On those basics, I want to build up cute and quirky details, bringing colors. Last summer, I focused on ocre and blue/green. I want to widen the tropical scope and add some pink. I think that the palette below represents what I would like to build. I really love the following inspirational photo too.

What body image issues would I want to tackle ?
In the past, I have avoided trousers and shorts. I still have issues with the belly pouch area. As you know, my jeans project is paused until my serger pedal gets home. From there, I really want to find a cute and comfy shorts pattern that fits me. I may have to go through a few muslins, but I'm fine with it.

That's already a lot of work  for today ! Next time, I will show you which fabrics I found, and which patterns I am considering at the moment.

What about you ? Are you spring cleaning ? Are you thinking of a capsule ?

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  1. Hi Laurwyn great post! I have an exciting new project I think you might like to get involved with (it relates to something you mention above!). What's the best way to get in touch?
    Cheerio Jenny

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  2. great post! i too have been inspired by sarai's architect posts...need to get everything down on paper. love your inspiration pix.

  3. I am so glad I found your blog! Great post. There is so much I want to sew/ sew differently/ learn as well. Looking forward to reading your adventures in plus size sewing!

  4. Love this, you have inspired me to pla my first projects around what I need, rather than dashing all over the place with ooh Ahh, I love this, I love that... Wait, I have nothing to wear!

  5. Thank you for sharing! You are inspiring me to get in that sewing room!


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