Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Seasonal shopping: fabric haul!

My dear friends, I have been a good girl!
I stuck to the plan!

On Sunday, I wrote about my projects for spring and summer. Now I will show you what I bought to go with it.

Twice a year, there is a huge market coming to a town nearby and I try to shop there for most of the season because they have a great choice of fabrics, in type, quality and price. Every time I go, I know I will find what I want. To recap on the capsule idea, I wanted knit, some woven fabric, and I wanted to focus on white, jeans and fuchsia. And, this is what I came home with!

It is basically what I wanted!

I wanted to work on shorts and I am so happy I found this cute denim! It is quite thin and not stretchy. When I saw the polka dots, I had to go for it! I purchase 1meter.

I wanted to make a white hoodie. I got some great double knit. The gentleman gave me 2.5m for the price of 1m because I got the end of the bolt, and also because I got quite some yardage at his stand...

I wanted t-shirts and I got a lot of material for that. I am now the happy owner of 4m of thin white jersey, 2m of thin pink jersey and 1 panel of gorgeous printed beige!

You can see the fiber. It feels really comfy on the skin and has a very nice drape to it.

This is exactly the same as the white. Only the color changes.

I fell in love with this one. I can already see it as a short sleeve Plantain with the panel print placed horizontally.

I also found a very nice knit I could use for a simple fitted garment. It would be very interesting for work and a nice challenge to match the printed squares. This knit is much thicker and would work better for something fitted, maybe. I saw a very cool pattern this morning it could work with. I have 2m of this one.

I have also gotten a couple of woven fabrics. I wanted a pop of color to make a simple skirt and I got this beautiful dupion silk. 1m of it. I am really curious about what a prewash would do to the color saturation.

And last, but not least, a nice and thin cotton that ties everything together. It will make a beautiful maxi dress in all of the colors of my palette! I am not sure if you can see the details but the dotted lines and the darker leaves are embroidered. The darker dots on the flowers are also textured. The fabric man said that it would survive a 30degrees wash but I am not so sure...

So far, I started working on my first T-shirt and I am loving the white knit!

Which one is your favorite? 


  1. I really like the brush strokes one!

  2. The last one is really pretty - I could see it as a maxi wrap around skirt. I need to get some sewing done, too!

  3. Great finds! I am loving that brush stoke one! I have wanted something like that for a long time.

  4. L. You are so neato, I really enjoy your blogs and you give me some good ideas. Keep it going girly. Oh and your fabric with the flowers on the bottom, just lovely…. will check in later…. Patricia

  5. Yes you did good and will end up with some beautiful garments!

  6. Love the denim with dots and your splooshy print knit … will make a lovely Plantain!

  7. Great fabrics, can't wait to see the garments made with them!

  8. I'mm really loving the last print. Gorgeous colours and cool cotton. Perfect! Can't wait to see the final results. GREAT haul!

  9. Loving the fuscia silk and the brush strokes. Looking forward to seeing it all come together!


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