Sunday, March 30, 2014

Capsule project #1: White T

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today will be a quickie! I have been very good and focused on my capsule project. The first capsule baby has now arrived. It is a Plantain!

Back in January, I did two versions of it. Both were 3/4 sleeves and I was looking forward to trying a lighter version. The first step was to purchase a lighter jersey. A T-shirt was also a perfect start into the capsule project. It was something I would wear a lot and quick to make. It's a great way to feel a positive reinforcement. Here is the result, featuring a kitty!

Wellington is being shy and did not want to show his face today.
Must be having a bad whiskers day...

This time, I modified the pattern a little bit, I flared it more below the waist, adding 2 cm at each seam, adding up to 8 cm total. I like it much more like this. It creates pretty curves.

This super nice top cost only 5 EUR in material and it will get a lot of wear.

In the next attempts, I think I will try to change the rounded neckline into a V-neck. Should be interesting...

I am pretty sure that I will live in this T-shirt this summer. I am also planning a couple of other versions with other fabrics.


  1. lovely top. It looks perfectly comfortable and like a great staple. Can't wait to see your future versions. g

  2. Very nice! I can't wait to see the entire capsule collection.

  3. I like the top! Good adjustment below the waist (yep, a problem area here as well). Can't wait to see the v-neck version!!!

  4. Really nice T … as you know I am addicted to the Plantains. Can't wait to see your V neck version.

  5. Super cute! I've just whipped up some Plantains too. A white one will be so versatile and I love the jersey you used!


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