Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The holy grail of +size jeans patterns?

Hi everyone!
How are you doing? Here, we are enjoying the climate. In my part of Europe, we had almost no winter this year (which is quite wrong) and the roses are starting to bloom in my garden! I had to work in it to clean up the dead branches etc. That means less time for sewing and for blogging! But, I still found some time to work on the Burda jeans muslin!

My first impression is very good. They feel very comfortable on and they look as I was expecting. The choice of size 50 was a good one. Please forget my cranky face and messy hair, the photos were taken way too early on a Sunday morning...

I decided however to make a couple of adjustments to make it even better. If all goes well, I would use them as a TNT pattern. I followed instructions from the wonderful "Fitting and Pattern Alteration" bible.

-          Back darts: the back waist is gaping a little bit so I widened the dart of 1cm and adjusted the waist band piece accordingly

-          Back waist band: it is a curved one, but not curved enough. I removed 1.5 cm on each side.

-          X knees (that’s how I can them J ): I pivoted the leg to compensate for it

-          Length: I removed 5 cm at the knee because they were a little bit too long

-          Lower stomach: I adjusted for the kangaroo pouch at the crotch. We’ll see how it works, I have never done it before

-          Calve adjustment: my calves look like they belong to a bicyclist, so I widened the back

Here is the result!

It looks like a lot of adjustments but they were all minor in dimension. I decided that I should go ahead with the fashion fabric.
This is the point I am at now: The pieces are cut and traced. I have also cleaned up my serger to serge the outside seams and other bits (pockets, zipper areas, etc) but I cannot find the foot pedal anymore :S I still need to purchase a zipper!

I have also been looking for information about jeans and sewing. I have never done any and, for some reason, I do not feel at ease starting this without pointers. So far, the sewalong from Peter has helped me a lot! I would also like to take the Craftsy Jeans course  but Mister Husband thinks the cost is too high for what it is. I guess he’s right, but the videos would help a lot.

That’s it for now and I am really looking forward to the result!

Do you have any recommendation or useful links?


  1. Oh I'm dying to see how these turn out! I've been too scared to try trousers or jeans so far, and many of the patterns don't go up to my size. Fingers crossed!

  2. I made the Jalie jeans last year and got a pretty good result (though I made the regular-rise jeans, and they turned out very high! Next time I will make the low rise).

    There is a jeans sew-along thread on Pattern that has some good pointers for sewing jeans. I found for topstitching, using an invisible hem foot really helped with getting the edgestitching perfect, and using a 1/4" foot for the second stitching line - both feet have fabric guides so you end up with perfectly even stitching. Also using regular thread in the bobbin, and upholstery thread in the top - less headaches and a perfect result for topstitching!

  3. Oh and by the way I nominated you for a Liebster award for small blogs, because I think your blog is great - hope you don't mind! You can see more details here if you'd like to take part:

  4. Angela wolf's jeans Craftsy class is AMAZING!! I have made 3 pr since getting it.


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