Sunday, August 7, 2011

Un Beignet á l'Orange

Hello Earth!
I am currently back from the moon. Once again, it has been ages since I posted something, I know, but this time, I will not say that it is going to change completely. I have very long days at work, and I cannot seem to keep an empty week end. And the little Me-Time left, I sew... I also read blogs, and everyone is doing amazingly!

- Novita is making me think of my Grand Ma, as she posts about her mother.
- Alexandra makes me want to sew lingerie and to get a cute big dog!
- Carolyn and I must have bought the same book within the same hour.
- Mary makes me want to sew more Colette Patterns!
- Thanks to Alana, I know that a Colette Patterns book IS COMING!
- Liza Jane keeps on showing simple and cute things.
- Oona amazes me every time she does something. The bombshell dress was GORGEOUS!
- Tanitisis makes me want to sew for children, and to sew jeans...
- Patty became my favorite blogger. Honestly, I just want to do everything like her! Work in a sewing shop, give classes, have an awesome garage/sewing room, be patient enough to do patchwork, and go on week ends in a barn! And have a dog!
- Of course, I still love Gertie and Peter... They will always be my first loves ;)

But today is a great day!!! We took pictures of everything I finished in the past few months! 8 things! And today, I will reveal my lovely Beignet! The Beignet is one of the first Colette Patterns that was online. At first, I thought that it was not that exciting. But this is a pattern that slowly crept up on me. I saw a few bloggers' finished ones. I am also looking for different types of skirts as I seem to keep on going for A-line/ semi-circle ones.

DISCLAIMER: A few weeks ago, I took it out and worked on the pieces to upgrade it. The muslin was fitting great. As you will see in the next pictures, the waist in now too large... Especially at the back. That is good and not good... I have been losing weight (I bicycle more than an hour/day), Yeay! But it is a shame that the fit is already less good...

No, Patty, I did not copy the EXPEDIT... We already had it ;)

Anyway, as usual, the pattern was a pleasure. And I used almost no fabric for it! Colette patterns tend to be slightly addictive. I suspect Sarai to slip magic powder between the pages! The Beignet allows so many little cute details! And I went all out for this skirt!

1) ORANGE fabric!!!
2) Cute white and orange buttons. I love the contrast!
3) White fabric with orange polka dots for the lining. I wish I had bought more to make a blouse out of it!
4) White trimming for the hem of the lining, sewn on with orange thread...
5) And the whole thing works great with my shoes!

I got a little annoyed at those curves though... I know, it looks great afterwards, but even with clps and notches, I struggled...

I hand-stitched a blind hem. That was quite an achievement!

 Ans I am completely in love with the hem of my lining. For the first time, I used that decorative stitch of my machine. And let me tell you, I will do it again!

And of course, We will not part before a close shot of my shoes! I got them for sale in London! Right after visiting the Liberty Fabrics original shop!!!

That's all folks! All the pictures for the next post are ready! Which reveal would you like to see the most?

- 2 wrap dresses from the same Burda pattern?
- a Burda navy dress?
- a Vogue blouse?
- a Tracy Reese Vogue dress?
- a Vogue Cynthia Steffe dress?

It is yours to choose ;)

Have a great week!


  1. Cuuuute! I love the orange. All those little details are just perfect, too. And don't get me started on those shoes...
    You've been busy- can't wait to see what you post next!

  2. I'm loving wrap dresses at the moment, I'd love to see yours. Great job on the beignet. I also wasn't totally in love when it came out, but seeing cute versions like yours on my blog reader make me want to buy it! Love the shoes, too. :)

  3. Too cute, hun! Love those buttons and I for one am very jealous of your expedit however I'm just excited to be living in a country that even has ikea again ;)

  4. Diggin on the orange; adorable! I would love to see any of the vogue patterns This is coming from a selfish standpoint, as I always love to see other people's versions of the same patterns that I make.

  5. That skirt looks GREAT! Love the orange. I'm dying to know if you had to make any pattern alterations. I have been holding that pattern in my stash for almost as long as it has been out, but I am holding back because I think I will need to let out the waist (I am a size 18 apple shape with a full/thick waist). Did you make any adjustments on yours, or did it fit right out of the envelope. Either way, it looks stunning.

  6. You are quickly becoming my style icon. Thank you for posting all these wonderful creations!

  7. oh! orange! polka dots! SHOES!

    this is fabulous.

    i just love everything you do, so i will say: whichever reveal tickles your quirky pretty fancy :)

  8. You put this outfit together with style. I love it. The color,the sweet trimmings and the shoes,oh those cute shoes..

  9. Wow is this a cute beignet! It might lure me into making one, but I strongly dislike skirts that button up the front. But the orange! So cute!

  10. Lovely Beignet! Your colour choice is perfect. I really like your shoes, they´re spectacular!


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