Friday, September 19, 2014

Wrapping up my Spring/Summer capsule!

The Summer is almost over... Even if we are having a nice and warm september here, the leaves are already falling from the trees or adopting beautiful warm colors. I love fall. It has always been my favorite moment of the year. My fall will be filled with maternity clothing and a great vacation planned to North California. But before that, I want to say a last goodbye to Summer.

Do you remember my mini capsule plan ? I made it back in Spring. It is now time to really evaluate its successes and shortcomings. All in all, I am very happy because I have completed a lot of what I had planned and needed. Of course, a couple of pieces are missing, and some others were added. Getting pregnant tends to shift things. Testing patterns and being part of a wonderful group pf ladies at the CSC also moves things around a little. But let's dig into this a little bit more !

Last year, I decided I needed...

  1. Jeans : Status : UFO

If your remember, I have started working on that, with a muslin and a lot of enthousiasm. After the muslin and the adjusments, I have actually cut the fabric and assembled the first pieces. It is now folded in my UFO basket. I stopped working on it during my first trimester energy dip and I will pick it up once I can use normal jeans again.

  1. T-shirts : Status : Completed

I have made 2 plantains. A white one, and an off-white one, with a bright pannel print. I am super happy about these two. They are still very comfy and I have been wearing them all Spring and Summer long !

  1. Shorts : Status : Completed but with a bitter taste

Shorts were my crusade this year. I wanted to a at least one pair that looked good and was comfy enough to go for hikes. During my first round of try outs, I made muslins for 4 different patterns, with big fails, and some ok results. This was a very hard project to lead for my self confidence and I decided to make one pair of the pattern that worked the best. I actually really like the result and I wore the shorts on vacation and also in the town some week ends. They are not the comfy-hiking version I wanted at first, butI am quite satisfied with the result. In a while, I will however pick this up and continue my crusade to try and find another patterns. You left me a lot of great tips !

  1. A white hoodie : Status : Aborted

I wanted a white hoodie for Summer mornings or nights, especially on vacation. I ran out of time before our trip to Crete, so I bought a white cardi instead.

  1. A Summer Maxi dress : Status : Completed

I have not blogged about this yet, but I made a beautiful white dress, using a non plus size Burda pattern that I have upgraded. This dress is so beautiful, particularly thanks to the gorgeous fabric I used for it. It is also very very comfy around the waist (waistline that has kind of disappeared as of late). You will find a few more details with the pictures below.

  1. A classic dress : Status : Completed

I needed a nice dress to wear to my sister in law's thesis defense. I used the Hawthorn pattern and golden a cotton eyelet fabric. I blogged about it here. I wore it a few times and I am looking forward to wear it again next Srping and Summer !

  1. A white skirt : Status : Completed

I initially wanted to make a white Anemone, which is the reason why I tried it first in another fabric. I have barely worn both versions as the waist is very fitted and it was not comfortable quite early on, and already in the first trimester. I have only one picture of the white version, and I think that the picture does not do it justice. You can decide for yourself.

  1. A colorful skirt : Status : Completed

This is the Anemone I blogged about here. I love it and I am also looking forward to wear it again next year.

  1. A dressy corporate dress : Status : Aborted 
To be honest, I have lost all interest in a Summer version of the Wiggle dress :) This summer was all about comfy knits for me !

As I said, all in all, it's quite a great achievement ! From the 9 items I wanted, I have completed 6.5. On top of that, you can add more projects that came up with pattern testing and blogtours. I made a Moneta, a Mabel and an Olive ! I also got started on a few maternity projects, but this is something I will blog about soon !

Before we part, I leave you with a few pictures of my Maxi Dress and some shots of special Summer times, where I wore Me-Made-Clothing.

The pannel print made this dress very special! I used a contrasting fabric to break the whiteness of it.

The front pleats make this dress very comfy and accommodating for growing bellies.

Breakfast on our balcony back in Santorini.

These are my favorite Summer looks:

Plantain + Juniper

Make-it-work mabel + self drafted skirt

Moneta in Crete



Who has ever atempted to work on a season capsule ?
How did it go ?
Which item of this capsule do you think is the best result ?


  1. That maxi-dress is gorgeous! When I was pregnant, like you, I had no energy during the first trimester. I also felt like a blob, even though my morning sickness was so bad that I actually lost weight during my first trimester. BUT, you'll likely get all of that energy back during your second trimester (for a little while, before it disappears again late in your third trimester).

    As far as capsule wardrobes go, I've been working on a 12-piece capsule wardrobe all year, but got distracted by other things and will probably only complete half of it by the end of the year. I did successfully complete a 4-piece mini-wardrobe back in July, though. Maybe planning smaller chunks is the key?

  2. EVERYTHING looks FANTASTIC!! Especially the white anemone--its my favorite. Great job!

  3. I love your maxi dress! Congrats on your capsule! I just make lists - long flowing lists!

  4. This is a really great collection. I really like the white skirt although it is a little tight now, and the floral peplum top. But the maxi dress is really special. Great work. Well done.


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