Saturday, April 19, 2014

Curvy Colette Plus Size Blog Tour : A Broderie Moneta

Hello everyone ! I hope you are having a great Easter Weekend. Mine is proving to be extremely exciting ! I am sure you read all about it on my fellow Curvy Sewing Collective members, today is my turn to feature in our Curvy Colette Blog Tour.

The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride ! Jenny contacted me and asked if I would be interested in taking part of a blog tour involving the two new Colette patterns. My husband can bear witness, I didn't stop talking about it for days ! Colette has been my favorite pattern maker since I made my first Beignet. I was alread super happy when they announced they were working on a larger pattern block AND on knit patterns. This means a well deserved rest from upgrading for me !

Today, I will reveal my version of the Moneta.

The Moneta is a lovely and flattering dress pattern for knit fabrics. It is nicely fitted on top and loose in the bottom. It comes with different sleeves options and with free bonus collar versions !

I decided to do version 1. I need a summer dress I will be able to wear during my vacation next month and I was very interested in the lining technique explained in the instructions. I picked a lightweight Borderie Cotton Knit in a off-white color. I used a coordinated Stretch Silk Charmeuse for the lining. I cut a size XL from the shoulders to the bust and graded up to a 2XL from the waist down.

I used the pdf pattern version and for the first time in my sewing life, I could just cut the pattern along lines without having to upgrade anything ! It made me feel so good ! The sizes I picked fit really well and I did not have to do any adjustment.

This project was also a great learning experience. I have used a twin needle for the first time and could not stop playing with it. It is so cool and created such a clean finish on knits ! I was also amazed by the armhole seaming technique described in the booklet. It was magical !

I am extremely happy with the end result ! The dress is comfortable, pretty and can be dressed up or down with high heels or simple sandals. It will look great with a straw hat during warm summer days. It also feels precious with a simple cardigan. You can add a belt too. I think I will try to wear it with opaque tights as well.

As always, pockets are welcome ! It means that I will not hask Mister to carry my phone and keys around when we go for a walk or run errands.

I will use this pattern again, for sure to make some cool winter dresses with longer sleeves !

And this is not over ! I will come back tomorrow with my version of the Mabel skirt ! I can also completely recommand the posts written by Jenny and Mary and their interviews with Sarai and Alison.

Also, if you are not following the other menbers of the Curvy Sewing Collective, please do so to not miss their versions of the Mabel and the Monetta !

Wednesday, April 16th -- Jenny at Cashmerette
Thursday, April 17th -- Mary at Idle Fancy (That's me! That's tomorrow!)
Friday, April 18th -- Exclusive interviews on Cashmerette and Idle Fancy with Sarai and Alyson
Saturday ; Sunday, Aprl 19th ; 20th -- Laurence at Quirky Pretty Cute
Monday, April 21st -- Tanya at Mrs. Hughes
Tuesday ; Wednesday, April 22nd ; 23rd -- T at UandMii
Thursday, April 24th --Jenny at Cashmerette
Friday, April 25th -- Mary at Idle Fancy

Sunday,  April 26th -- Sophie-Lee at Tworandomwords
Wednesday, April 28th -- Mary at Young Broke & Fabulous


  1. That looks great. I got down to the photos and was like "That doesn't look like a knit!" So I had to scroll back up to see what you used. I've never heard of broderie anglais before.

    1. I had the same reaction--I was like, "That's a knit? Whaaa?" Love it--I think it's a great choice for this dress.

    2. Haha! That was also my reaction in the fabric store :) I still have a little bit left for a tank top I think...

  2. Cute dress! Where did you find the stretch silk charmeuse for the lining?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Looks fantastic! I can't wait to make one too. I'm loving the CSC so far!

  5. Stretch broderie?! Amazing! I didn't even know that existed :) This looks great on you, and will be perfect for summer.

  6. I'm going to have to find myself some stretch eyelet! I love that you lined it in silk charmeuse. Your dress must feel so lustrous!!

  7. Very cute. I have to mimic Jenny, above, in saying that I also had no idea there was such a thing as stretch eyelet as it is called here. The setting of your photos is absolutely beautiful. The dress is really cute and reminds me of something Duchess Kate wore in Australia - also a white "eyelet" or broderie dress with a nude/camel wedge sandal.

  8. Sounds like you have some crazy fabric luck - stretch charmeuse and broderie? Holy cow. This dress looks amazing!

  9. I'm liking this series. You all look gorgeous in these clothes.
    Very inspiring.

  10. What a fantastic dress, Laurence! Wow! I didn't even know that knit broderie anglaise existed. It looks absolutely lovely made up into a Moneta. Gorgeous!

  11. This is so pretty! I absolutely love that collar, too.


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