Saturday, June 1, 2013

My first pencil skirt. Thank you Gertie!

Since I started reading magazines, I have been stumbling upon the frequent article about how important it was to have a pencil skirt. In all these magazines, they say that they flatter all shapes. I absolutely did not agree until I I actually tried and sew Gertie's version.

I have already posted about the coat I made from a pattern from her book. As many bloggers, I am in love with the patterns and I am planning on trying many other ones! I am also quite looking forward to the second book she is already writing. I have seen many many versions of it, but one that I loved was Erika's. She chose such a vibrant colour!

At the beginning, I was afraid that this type of skirt would look bad on me. Indeed, I carry my most hated bits under the waist at the front. And anything that is too clingy makes me look pretty awful. I did a quick muslin and it actually looked nice. To be completely honest, I still need to wear supportive undies if I want it to look tip top, but I can actually wear it without. I get quite a few comments from plus size girls that would not have dared a specific look or pattern but that would do it after seeing it on my plussy figure. I really hope that you girls will try this one!

Here it is!

I have followed Gertie's tip and added boning to the waist band. It makes such a difference! I have also lined it with a coordinating black fabric. It allows the skirt to go with everything! And protects me from the static effect.

The first time I wore it, I was in shock. This skirt really makes me look good. It looks best with high heels. I wear it with skin toned heels or with black ones, depending on the stockings I wear. After a few   try outs, my two favourite combos are pencil+flowy blouse and pencil+Tshirt+Cardi.

I found the pattern very easy to work with. The proportions were great for me. I have basically upgraded the waist and hips of 2 sizes and it fit very nicely. The only little problem was related to the waist band. It gaped a little bit so I had to take the top side in by 6 centimeters in the front, and 8 in the back.

I will probably use this pattern again and try a very bright colour. But I will wait until fall/winter because I usually like my spring/summer skirts to float a little.

Have a great week end!


  1. Great skirt! Actually, I think that skirts generally do look better on girls and women with curvy hips than on the very skinny girls! Yay for your pencil skirt, you look fantastic in it (especially with that blouse). Are already thinking about making another one?

  2. WOW, this has me looking at pencil skirts in a whole new light! The more I sew, the more I realize that all those rules people make up about what people should and shouldn't wear are baloney, and anything can look great with the right fit.

  3. I'm so glad you liked my skirt! Thanks for the complement. And I love yours! It looks really cute. I also have to wear tights with mine, it is very fitted, way more than I'm used to!

  4. Oh you should make lots more of these...not only in solids but in prints & plaids too...because this looks fabulous on you!

  5. Super cute! You look fabulous!

  6. You would never know you had anything to hide "at the front under the waist"! This is utterly gorgeous and so well fitting! I'm also in love with this pattern - mine don't quite hide my own belly paunch but still, stuff "curvy women shouldn't wear pencil skirts" eh?


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