Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bright Pink Coat from Gertie

In the last year, a few good books came out : Colette's, Gertie's etc. I have obvioulsy purchased both and I fell in love with both. I did a couple of projects from Colette and three from Gertie. Today, I will gush about one of them.

When I recieved the book, I skipped directly to the last chapter because I was so intrigued about what Gertie would create. I have been following her blog faithfully for years now. I have also participated to her Lady Grey and Crepe sew-alongs and they have helped me learn so much ! Gertie also has a highly contagious enthousiasm about pushing yourself to learn and create your opportunities in life. She is such a model...

From Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing, I made the Pencil Skirt, the Keyhole Blouse and the Coat. I will make sure I show you the other two items but today is all about the coat.

You may not know it, but I bicycle to work everyday, 40 minutes to go and 40 minutes to come back, on good days :) I needed a comfortable and WARM coat for the winter. I have actually tried a few other patterns before but no other muslin fit that well ! I had already bought some beautiful pink wool, grey/green/pink lining, and metallic buttons.

You will see in the photos that we had a pretty cold and snowy winter here in the Netherlands ! These are also the first real pictures we took in our garden.

First of all, I am in love with the shape of the coat : fitted on top, and loose on the bottom. It if perfect for bicycling because it stays snug and warm on top and comfy on the bottom. I chose to not make the belt that went with it. To me, the metallic buttons on one side are enough of a feature and the belt is not necessary. I did not have to change much to it, I only had to upgrade 1 size at the waist.

When I went to buy the fabric, I really wanted a contrasting lining. This one was perfect because there was a hint of pink in it. It is a tightly woven fiber, keeping the warm inside the coat. I have also used a really cook interfacing that gave great shape to the garmen AND added some warmth to it. I must say that the lady at my local store was the nicest.

One of my favourite part of the design was the sleeves. It was the first time I used sleeve darts and I must say that it makes SUCH a big difference ! I have also invested in a special button mecanism that secures them. I am also quite happy about the collar. I decided on not handstitching it. I have sculpted it with interfacing and steam instead, and so far, it has been holding its shape great.

The small details also make a coat. I went for bound buttonholes. They are still not as perfect as I wish but they are much better compared to what I would achive in the past. I have also handsewn the hem and the sleeves.

I have been living in this coat all winter long, and I am feeling (oddly) sad about having to leave it in the wardrobe during the warmer days ! This coat has brought a smile on my face countless times, especially when I got complimented on it. I would recommand this pattern to anyone !


  1. What a beautiful coat,and I simply adore the color!

  2. Seriously beautiful job! That colour is divine, well done you! x

  3. Gorgeous coat. Well done! I have the book as well and I can't wait to make something from it.

  4. WOW! This is so beautiful. I love all the little details. What a big project this must have been, but it was totally worth the effort.

  5. Fantastic coat! And the color is great, too! I always thought that this pattern was for a coat dress and not for an actual coat but you made it work!

  6. Oh my gosh, that is out of control amazing!

  7. how did you do the lining? i think the book doesnt have an explanation for this and id really love to make a lined version


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