Thursday, October 2, 2014

Burdastyle Plus Blog Tour : The Loose Jacket

Today is my turn to reveal my Burda project ! Since we have been in contact with Burdastyle, I have been extremely excited. See, I learned to sew with Burda patterns. If we go even further back, I can still remember going through the monthly new editions with my grand ma when I was still a little girl. In Europe, Burda magazines (or other sewing magazines) are used more than the envelope patterns. For me, even if the monthly Burda Plus collections can be hit or miss, I will always keep on looking forward to the third Friday of each month because I know I will come home with the new edition.

For this blog tour, Burdastyle offered each of us at the CSC to try one pattern that they would send to us for free. We could take a pick amongst many models from their latest bundle collections. I decided on the Loose Jacket (127). This was an easy pick because it was the only pattern I could use this winter during my pregnancy.

This was actually a fun and somehow new experience because I usually draw the patterns from the magazines but this time I printed out the PDF version and taped it together. I must be one of the only people on earth enjoying the taping. I find it, weirdly, very relaxing.

I wanted to make a very comfortable cardigan/jacket with a woolen jersey. The fabric I picked only stretches one way, and I count on it for the days I may have to pull it closed around the bump... My wool is also quite thick, it is stripy on one size, and more fluffy on the other. I chose to let the stripes show on the outside and to have a peek of the fluffiness along the front flounce.

My fabric choice made me decide to slightly shorten the length of the pattern and to go for one size smaller around the shoulders. I also did not grade up for the waist nor hips because the pattern already provided a lot of ease.

All in all, the pattern was super easy to put together. It is quite simple and interesting in the same time. The instructions call for a raw hem edge, but I decided to go for a contrasting bias binding edge. I made it with scraps from an old project in thin black wool.

The result is the most comfy cardi/jacket I ever had ! It is also super warm and will accomodate my body changes. I really like the front flounce and the way you can just wrap yourself into it.

On the downside, the cardi/jacket looks very big, due to my fabric choice, to the flounce, and the provided ease. If I had to redo it, I would use a thinner fabric, to allow for a better drape.

All in all, I am looking forward to the late and cold fall days to cuddle up in the sofa or go for a nice walk outside in my new warm and fuzzy cardi/jacket !

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  1. Great color! I like how you added the binding edge. Well done. You really made it your own.

  2. ooh it looks lovely and warm, like wearing a blanket! I've been looking for something similar in a light merino wool, but your definitely tempting me to make my own.

  3. I quite like this! Looks super comfy. Honestly, I was thinking this was the most shapeless and uninteresting one in the bunch, but I admit that I was wrong. It's super comfy for fall and a great look with all that draping. :) Loving the BurdaStyle Blog tour. :D

  4. Cute jacket! Like you, I find taping oddly relaxing (which is good because I hate tracing).

  5. It looks so comfy! The color is beautiful on you.

  6. This looks perfect for the coming colder days. Very cozy and warm.

  7. Hi Laurwyn!

    I'm an editor for and wanted to speak to you about possibly guest posting for us. If you're interested please email me at I can give you more details on the project we're working on.

    We'd love to hear from you!

    Thank you!

  8. Hi Laurence,
    Are you both, are you OK? I miss your inspiring blogs. I love your comments and admire your honesty. The pictures Herman takes from you are very loving and exciting. Please give us a note.....


  9. Where are you,you are missed.I hope everything is ok?

  10. Hello, I love your blog, it's really inspiring and fresh. This jacket is lovely on you and the fact that it is "big" actually makes you look tiny :-D and very cute in it. I'm totally going to try it !


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